What we do

We Support ready-to-retail African producers, Connect international trade buyers, and Promote the importance of value-added trade in poverty reduction.


We work across the entire supply chain from farm to fork and fibre to fashion enabling communities to trade their way out of poverty by accessing international markets. We do this through building producer capacity for ethical and sustainable trade and attracting like-minded buyers.


We raise awareness of the importance of value added trade in poverty reduction.


We provide courses, materials and research on sustainable trade in sub-Saharan Africa, targeted at secondary and third-level institutions as well as the general public.


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What we do

Focusing on small to medium sized African businesses that are looking to export internationally, individually assessing each producer and matching them with the most suitable buyers.


Our tailored business consultancy to each producer includes;


  • Product assessment

  • Export and business plan analysis

  • Advise on branding, pricing, packaging, and distribution.

  • Representation at international trade shows

  • Buyer matchmaking


We source high quality food and fashion products from producers in sub-Saharan Africa.



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We Promote sustainable trading of African goods and celebrate African producers

We source retail ready African products

We connect international trade partners

We advocate for value added trade with Africa by speaking at global events on the important role of business in development and creating a fair and just trade system.


We plan our work with a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals: 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, supporting our buyer and producer partners in aligning their work against these goals.


We collaborate with influential leaders, companies, NGOs and policy makers who understand the catalytic power of sustainable trade with Africa.


Our Proudly Made In Africa award is a certificate of excellence aligned to international standards, for high quality products that are sustainable, socially responsible, fully sourced and packaged in Africa.


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We Educate on the importance of value added trade in poverty reduction

We use our experience in sourcing to match buyers with the most suitable producers.


We offer;


  • Facilitate meetings with producers

  • An edit of our producer base tailored to buyer requirements

  • Independent audit of the producer to international standards

  • Guided sourcing trips

  • Recommended sourcing options

  • After sales service


Our database consists of a wide variety of high quality food and fashion producers in sub-Saharan Africa.



Check out our unique sourcing map of African finished products.