Meru Herbs - Kenya 


Gourmet selection of herbal teas, sauces and jams.

Winner of 1 Great Taste Award. 

No artificial preservatives and additives.

Organic certified.

Supporting smallholder farmers in rural Kenya.

Available for white label orders.

Current distribution: Scotland/Italy.



MIA Flavour Chocolate - Madagascar 


Luxury Dark Chocolate bean-to-bar single origin chocolate bars.

Vegan certified.

Winner of 4 Great Taste Awards.

Unique flavours include Hemp and Almond and Baobab Salted Nibs. 

Special range of high-end baking chocolate and gift boxes. 

Stockists include: Cotwold Fayer, Wholefoods and independents across Europe. 

Current distribution: UK/Belgium/Germany/USA.

Lovegrass - Ethiopia 


A native of Ethiopia, Teff is the smallest and possibly the most ancient of all grains. A nutritional powerhouse, it is packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and prebiotics, naturally gluten-free.

Products include – Teff Pasta, pancake mix, flour and breakfast cereals.

Winner of the Gold Free From 2020.

Tried and tested by the Coeliac Society Ireland.

Teff flour bulk orders available. 

Stockists include Planet Organic, Selfridges and Wholefoods. Current distribution: UK

Moyee Coffee - Ethiopia, Kenya Rwanda and Uganda. 


The world's first Fair Chain coffee. 

Working to reduce deforestation in the coffee supply chain.

Roasted at source to add value to improve livelihoods working towards living income.

Single, double and triple blend coffee beans and ground coffee

Stockists Include offices, independent stores and artisan coffee shops. 

Current distribution: Ireland/UK/Netherlands

Gorilla Highlands Coffee  - Uganda


High-quality single-origin Arabica and Robusta Coffee. 

Focus to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers through value addition. 

Working to conserve the habitat of the famous mountain gorilla. 

Directly sourced from farmer co-operatives.

Stockists include: White label orders for brands and local market.

Current distribution: TBC

Asante Mama - Uganda 


Product range includes herbal teas, spices, moringa tea, cocoa and cocoa beans covered in chocolate.

Organic Certified.

Non-GMO Verified.

Fairly traded and sustainable.

Available for white label.

Stockists include: Health food shops and independents in Europe.

Current distribution: Belgium/USA/Amazon.

Tarara Coffee  - Ethiopia 


High-quality Arabica Coffee. 

Established in 1940. 

Focus to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers through value addition.

Produced bean to bag in Ethiopia

Coffee is sourced directly from farmer co-operatives in the Yayu Forest. 

Stockists include: While label orders for brands such as Solino Coffee Germany. 

Current distribution: Germany/Middle East