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Value Addition

For years, African countries have exported basic raw materials, missing out on opportunities to turn basic ingredients into finished goods that can earn them more income.

An increasing number of high quality products are being manufactured and packaged on the African continent by producers who act responsibly and trade fairly, creating income for local communities.  When value addition happens in Africa, the benefit to African people is as much as 26 times that of exporting raw materials.

The real development benefits of value addition in Africa are manifold. 

For producers/ farmers it means a more stable market, for employees it means improved skill sets, a more reliable source of income and increased resilience. At an industry / national level a country’s commodity trade vulnerability can be reduced. 

When businesses move towards the formal sector it brings benefits; strengthens business, raises standards of production and raises labour standards. By operating in the formal economy employment should be safer for workers, the tax net is widened thereby contributing to the wider economy and attracting other investors.

PMIA works with over 400 companies in 29 countries, all of whom meet the Proudly Made in Africa standard. Through our own visits and a network of partners on the ground, we are constantly adding to our database.