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Mad√©casse hits Sainsbury’s shelves : February 2016

Coinciding with the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight on 29 February, the Sainsbury’s launch will see Madécasse’s selection of handcrafted bars including Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut, Milk Chocolate Toasted Coconut, Espresso Bean, Salted Almond, Sea Salt & Nibs, 80% Cocoa and Chilli Pepper roll out in 267 stores around the UK.

To get a picture of how the bars look on the Sainsburys shelves have a look at the image below showing how the bars will look amongst all the other leading chocolate brands.


Wholly produced and packaged in Madagascar, Madécasse, which provides four times more impact than fair trade, is one of a growing number of companies looking to go beyond traditional fair trade and instead is looking to drive interest in high quality ‘fair made’ products.

The Madécasse brand hosts the ‘Proudly Made in Africa’ label, which highlights products, which are quality, assured, ethically sourced and manufactured in Africa from locally grown ingredients. We are delighted to see the growth in both sales and interest for the Madécasse brand and look forward to seeing it continue to grow!

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