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There are four ways to donate to Proudly Made in Africa.

1. Fill In A Donation Form:

Philanthropy may be for the rich, so why not try Micro Philanthropy!

It does not matter how much you give. Your investment joins with others so together you make a big difference. Invest as little as €5 per month.

To invest fill out a Micro-Philanthropy Standing Order Form

2. Donate Online:

Want to use your credit or debit card?

Or PayPal

3. At Your Bank or Via Online Banking:

Using the details below, you can also directly lodge money into PMIA’s bank account:

Account name: Value Added in Africa

Account number: 12395897

Ulster Bank, 2/4 Lower O’Connell St, Dublin 1, Ireland

Sort code: 98-50-40

4. By Cheque:

Please make cheques payable to Proudly Made in Africa.

And send the cheque in an envelop to: Proudly Made in Africa, 10 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.


Besides monetary donations, we rely heavily on individuals and companies who donate their time and services.

We receive pro bono support in the following areas:

- web design, packaging design and digital marketing

- marketing consultancy, branding and accountancy

- advertising and printing

Proudly Made in Africa is a Registered Charity recognised by Irish law.

Charity Number: CHY 18389.