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Primary Level

Just Connections, Just Trade: A collaborative project between Marino Institute of Education and Proudly Made in Africa (PMIA), with funding support from Irish Aid - this new teaching pack enables children to think critically about major global issues like consumerism, globalisation and international trade and development.

Written to support 5th and 6th class primary school teachers in teaching about the wider world and in developing global citizenship in relation to curricular areas such as SESE and SPHE, this resource examines topics such as interdependence and globalisation, trade relationships, and consumer choices, in child-friendly language, and through a range of active and participative methodologies designed to enable children to understand and engage with complex issues. It examines global trade issues while promoting a view of African countries as equal trade and economic partners.

The pack was written by: Tom Larkin, Liz Morris, PMIA founder Conall O'Caoimh, former PMIA Fellow Penelope Muzenenhamo, Barbara Wilson, and Barbara O'Toole

You can download it here.