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Services & Programmes


We have created a unique sourcing map of African finished products. Our database consists of over 500 high quality agri-processing companies in sub-Saharan Africa. We work with the ones most export ready.

We offer advice to African exporting companies in terms of; pricing, packaging, packaging design, branding, distribution, market research. Our most popular marketing programme links European designers with African companies for packaging redesign. This results in a product packaging which is not only attractive to an EU consumer but is EU compliant in terms of labelling.

Sourcing consultancy; we work with international buyers to source quality African products using our extensive knowledge and sourcing map.


We are creating a market in the EU for African finished products by:

  1. Choosing the best quality shelf-ready products and advertising them in our catalogue
  2. Match-making selected companies with suitable buyers at wholesale and retail level (mainly in Ireland and the UK)
  3. Representing African brands at tradeshows in the EU

We arrange face-to-face meetings with buyers and pitch products on behalf of African companies.

“It has been great working with PMIA over the past few years. PMIA really have a unique database of products which are packed at source in Africa. Traidcraft was eager to expand its product range to include ‘fair trade producer brands’ which were made in Africa. PMIA presented a host of new fair trade product options to us and our marketing team decided which products would work best for our customers. As a pilot project we selected four African brands which have been selling in our catalogue since February 2015. 

PMIA provided a full sourcing service. Not only did they present us with a range of product options but they also supported our logistics team with the orders. We enjoy working with PMIA, they are pushing the boundaries of fair trade because with their model the value addition stays in Africa. We hope to expand our collaboration with them.” (Joe Osman, Sourcing Director, Traidcraft UK)


Supported over 1 Million Euro worth of value added exports from Africa and counting…

Our Proudly Made In Africa (PMIA) label signifies high quality products that are ethical, socially responsible and fully sourced and packed in Africa. 

Through our development education work we raise awareness of the importance of value added trade in poverty reduction. In partnership with University College Dublin, PMIA established the Proudly Made in Africa Fellowship in Business and Development educating tomorrow’s business leaders on the importance of sustainable business for global development.

We seek to grow our network of collaborators in this space; influential leaders, companies, NGOs and policy makers who believe in the enormous potential that Africa has for sustainable economic development through trade in finished products.


At Proudly Made in Africa, we run a number of programmes to support European market entry for African producers. These include our Marketing Programme which includes our Packaging Design Programme and Business Networking Programme.

Producers are selected to take part in our programmes following an assessment of the quality, commercial viability, scalability and social benefits of their shelf ready products.

Marketing Programme

Our marketing programme works to engage wholesalers and retailers in Ireland and other European countries. We work alongside African producers, building their capacity to market and organising sales meetings with key wholesalers and retailers all over Europe. We also assist African producers by carrying out marketing analysis of our key product categories. We provide some account management services once retail partnerships have been established.

Packing Design Programme

Proudly Made in Africa works with African producers to redesign packaging to better position their products in European markets. We work with top-level Irish and British design companies who provide these services to African businesses at significantly reduced rates.

Read about our Packaging Design Programme in PIVOT Dublin.

Networking Programme

Working alongside Strathmore Business School in Nairobi, Proudly Made in Africa organises regular networking events within Kenya. The aim of these events is to create a forum for African business leaders to network and exchange business ideas, as well as to receive advice on export marketing activities.